2014 Ebola Natna

West Africa ngam 3 ah abosa tha 8 sung Ebola natna nasia tatak in piang hi. Mihing 6,000 vaal in vei aa, 3,000 vaal thi hi. Democratic Republic of Congo ngam Ebola ngun (river) kiim pan 1976 kum a kimu natnalung (virus) ahimanh, Ebola virus ci in min kivaw hi. Ebola taw kisai heaktu kilawm … Continue reading

Leo Tolstoy, Pathian Na Thumann Mu Hi, Ahihang Ngaak In

Leo Tolstoy sia laiat minthang mama Russiami hi. 1828 September 9 ni suak aa, November 20, 1910 ni thi hi. Laiat bek hi ngawl, philosopher, political thinker zong hi si aa, leitung bup ah laiat thiam nasiabel khat in kiciamte hi. Novel, short story le long story tam mama at aa, a laibu theampo sung … Continue reading

Thianmaang Toaisaang Zaangsi Liannu


Innkuan thu
Vang Lok Khang, Thuklai Suanh, Lun Muntuu, Tun Ngo bawng pah Pu Thuk Kham le Pi Tuang Ciin te sungpan 1876 kum in Thuklai ah piang hi. Ama ii suapui laizom te sia a nuai a bang ahi hi. (more…)

Democrat hibong, Ahihang Republican te dei bong

March 2013 hunlai “Why I m no longer a Republican” ci article khat kaat ngei aa, atatak cileang “One important reason among many that I am no longer a Republican” cizaw leang ka ngaisutna le dinmun kitelcian zaw tha tu hi.  (more…)


Tulai leitung thuthak (news) sim leang Ukraine ngam buaina nisim in kimu hi, pawl khatna leitung ngaalpi 3na dong piang thei tu ci dongtak son hi. Ukraine sia koisung om aa, koibang ngam ziam, a taangthu tawm a tom thathei in en tek tawng. (more…)

Sizang mi Army Officer teng ii thu a tom

Kawl ngam ngaalkap sung a seam ngei Sizang mi officer teng.

Are We Missing The Point or Have We Lost The Essence?

By Mungpi Suantak

What does the term “Chin” imply?
The word or the term “Chin” may have had its roots far beyond our recordable memories and could possibly have been used elsewhere in Mongolia, China or Tibet. Yet it is not the history of the term that we are concerned here in this article. In the modern age, since the 19th century, the British used the term “Chin” to identify groups of people living in Northeast India, Northwest Burma and Chittagong Hill Tracts. (more…)

Sizang Khua Pawlkhat Ii Satalite Photo

Major General Tuang Za Khai

Following article is compiled from the Pu Thang Za Dal’s paper “THE CHIN/ZO PEOPLE OF BANGLADESH, BURMA AND INDIA”

Born: July 1, 1927
Parents: Ex-Chief Khan Lian, Pi Lian Cingh(Khuasak)
Bros & Sis: Son Za Cin, Niang Pum, Tuang Kho Kam, Pau Kho Hau, Man Vung, Lian Za Cing, Tuang Za Cin
Marriage: Miss Tual Dim
Children: Kam Do Dal, Khan Lian Khup, Cingh Thian Uap (more…)

Power for the Elite (Among Chins)

Following article was compiled from the “Conversion of the Chin in Burma: The Creation of an Elite” by Bianca Son (Mang Khan Cing) Ph.d, daughter of the late Dr. Vumson Suantak, her thesis paper for Master of Science at International School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Contemporary Asian Studies, Universiteit van Amsterdam (August 2007).

The previous chapter demonstrated a carefully constructed effort of the Hakha to separate themselves first from the Burman and then from other Zomi, resulting in a Hakha elite.  This section examines how this elite has used Christianity to gain political power within Burma, specifically by creating a new Christian community, the Hakha have vied for leadership of the whole of the Chin.  They have further parlayed their Christianity to gain attention and power on the world stage. (more…)


By Upa P. Ngin Za Thang

Thu ma sa,
Sizaang minam te ii Kawlngam Khuapi ih thet thei na, thu ma sa tepte nate ih heak tek tu le tep te tu in pha ka sa hi. (more…)

Zongam sungah ZOMI min tawh a ki-at masa bel Lai Thiangtho bu in American Baptist Mission Press te ii akhet “Lungdamna Mate Lai Thiangtho – Sizang Kam” hi aa, Rev.Thuam Hang min tawh kiaat hi. 1916 kum hi.

1980 kum 27, Jannuary ni in Yangon Sizang Tuiphum Pawlpi kiphut a, (more…)

Pawlpi Lian Le Pawlpi No

Koisungpo ahizong a lianzaw theamp a phazaw hi papai tuan ngawl hi. Mitdal screw a kol hun ciang screw driver ano ih zong masa hi, screw driver liante kizangh thei vet ngawl hi. Pawlpi zong tubangma hi. TOPA Pathian in pawlpi liante a zakna mun a tuam hi. Pawlpi note sep zawk ngawl thu pawl … Continue reading

The Great Khai Kam by Pu Thang Za Dal

The Great Khai Kam
The University of Kalay was once officially called “Khai Kam University”, the best sport centre in Chin State located in Hakha is also called “Khai Kam Sport Centre”. But do we really know who he was and why do we celebrate his name? Khai Kam was the Chin hero who resisted the British from invading our mother land. (more…)

A sin le a sin ngawl (Professional vs. amateur)

By Pr. D Suan Za Khai

Thukong honna

“Sinna” (Learning) ii a mungtup bulpi sia ei le ei limit kiheakna tu ahi hi, ci in mipilte in pualaak uh hi. Sinna tungtawn bekin ei le ei limit kihe thei pheang tu ahile, ih sin ngawl thute ah ih limit tawm mama tu ahi hunlam sia ih kiheak tu ol ngawl het tu ci sia ngaisuthuai sa ing. (more…)

The 1964 Emergence of Zo Separatism in East Zoram

The 1964 movement began without any organization or planning and resulted from a variety of government actions and policies. One factor was that Zo members of parliament were angry with the military government of General Ne Win for dissolving parliament. This meant that their hard won seats provided no more work or income, and they were forced to be idle. (more…)

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