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Leitung Bup Syate Ni (World Teachers’ day)


By – Syapi Lam Za Khai

Leitung buppi ah hong lampui masate in October 5 ni sia leitung buppi ah Syate ni (World Teachers’ day) ci in ciangtanna khat na nei hi. Tua ni hong thet tu kal kingakla tek mama a, Syate zongh in amate ni hi si, sangpatangte zongh in tua hun hong thet takciang pilna a hil, a panta sya, syamate tungah lungdam kona hun in zangh tek uh hi.


  • Thik seakpa in thik a seak phot ngawlin, thik khat papo kizangh thei ngawl, hiam thei ngawl hi.
  • Suang seakpa in suang a seak phot ngawlin, suang khat papo miliim suaksak thei ngawl, a ki en thei suak ngawl hi.
  • Syaphate hil ngawlin sang patang sia mipha suak ngawl hi.
  • Beal seakpa in a bealseak sia a tamtham dongin a beal seak ngawlin, a phabek in seak hi.
  • Syaphate in a sangpatangte haksat ngimnga natu dong vawt ngawl hi. Pilna, ciimna a nga tu dong in hil thiam hi.
  • (A potter strikes a pot to break it, but to make it fine)
  • (A teacher teaches his pupils not to harm them, but to enhance the benefit of knowledge)
  • Thuneite in thu a zaw natu in “Sitni” te muanna tatak taw in thu theampo aap hi.
  •  Pilna deite in Sya/ma phate bealin laisin valeng hi.


  1. Sang Sya/mate in pilna lamsang ah TAWTANG keamte ahi hi. (The teachers are playing a key role in the education sectors)
  2. Mai lamsang ah ih ngam le lei kalsuan natu thu le la theampo Sya/mate khut sungah om hi. (The future of country, one may say, have it future in their hands.)
  3. Mailam sangah ih ngam le lei minam ih Liangko sia Sya/mate hilna sungah om hi. (The future of the nation is on the shoulder of teachers and how they teach kids)
  4. Sya/mate in patangte ii a ettee te hi a, a patangte ii a nung a zui tute ahi hi. (The teacher must be set good examples for their pupils to follow.)

SYA II KHIAKNA (Definition of Teacher)
“T” is for factfullness, truthfulness (Thumaanna)
“E” is for efficiency and example (Pilna sepzawkna, Ettee kakna)
“A” is for accuracy, activience (Nasep maanna, nasep lawpna)
“C” is for courage and cleverness (Nasep hanna, Pilna thiamna)
“H” is for hum our, honesty, humility (Thiamna kicing, thumanna, kiniamkhiakna)
“E” is for enthusiasm and expertise (Thangahuai a poktak mi, a thiam mi)
“R” is for researcher and a love of reading (A zong/a kan mi, lai sim nuam mi)

Abraham Lincoln: Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think it. The tree is real thing. (Ngamtatna in thingkung in “Vanhngil” hi.

JohnRuskin : To make your children capable of honesty is beginning of education. (Patangte thumanna kipatna in pilna sinna mun hi) ci hi. Sanginn pan a hil Sya/mate ii thupizia hi bang ahi hi.

  •  Sang Sya/mate in sanginn sung bek hilna hi ngawl a, kimaina, le mun tatuam dong sang patangte a hil a thiamsakte ahi hi. (The teachers are to train and give advice to the students not only in the class rooms but also at the sports grounds outside the class room through correct ways and techniques)
  • Sang sya/mate in ettee pha a hil a lamlakte ahi hi. (Teacher must be set good examples for their pupils to follow.)
  • Syate hil bangin sangpatangte hong nungta tu hi.(As is the teacher, so it the pupil.)

Leitung mipilte in kumzalom (20) hun sung 20th Century in Communication Age (CA) ngam khat le ngam khat/mun khat le mun khat kizopna, kipaupuina nuam tatak in hong zangh zo uh hi. Mun khat ah omkhawm tek ngawl ih hihang omkhop kimu, thuson khop bangin hun kizangh zo hi. Leitung buppi khuano khat hi (Global Village) na ci liang hi. Telephone taw mun theampo kipaupui thei, TV taw World cup kimaite ki en thei hi. 21st Century Information Communication Technology Age or Knowledge Age (ICT) ci in kiciamtee hi

The 21s t Century is significant one. Education is jewel in the globalization while teacher is key player na ci hi. Tua ahikom syate in a nuai a teng seam a, a kalsuan pui kul tu hi.

A. Heak ngawl a phamaw thute (to know)
– Hun kikhealnate  =  Changes
– Kidemnate  =  Competition
– E-pilnate  = E-education
– Lampui theinate  = Initiatives

B. Sep ngawl a phamawte (to do)
– Khat le khat kizopna  = Communication
– Khat le khat kipawlna  =  Co-operation
– Khat le khat thu kikupna  =  Co-ordination
– Hong kipiakte sep/vawtna  = Responsibility

C. Zak ngawl a phamawte (to enterprise)
– Computer  = Computer
– E-laipuakna = E-mail, Fax
– Internet  = Internet, G talk, VZO
– E-set vanh taw sinna  = E- learning

D. Thiam ngawl a phamawte (to qualify)
– Computer zakna  =  Computerization
– Zak thiamna  =  Competency
– Ngeina  =  Culture ness
– Bitphua theina  =  Creativity
– Ngamdang/mi ngamdang pau  =  Foreign language

Sangpatangte leitung khuano (Global Village) sungah teen pui thei natu sia sang sya/mate in sep tu thu tam mama a nei hunlam a phawk tu thupi mama hi.


  •  The foundation of every state is the education of the youth. (Ngam sim ih dinpha in k.hangnote ih pilna tungah om hi.)
  • Give a little LOVE to child, then you will get agreat deal it. (Itna tawmno khat patangte tung nei le te , na hil theampo hong paikik tu hi. Deisakna taw laihil tu ci nopna hi.
  • Tough the heart before you teach the mind.
  • Education is jewel in the globalization while teacher is key player. (Pilna in leitung ii suang manpha hi a, Syate khut sungah om hi.)
  • Without teaching of a teacher one will not do things correctly. (Sya/mate ii hil ngawlin lampi maan ngei ngawl hi.)
  •  Education is transmission of culture from one generation. ( Pilna in khang khat pan khang khat kikheal sak hi.)
  •  Zeal without knowledge is fire without light. (Pilna kihel ngawl hanciamna in, khuavak a pia ngawl mei taw kibang hi.)
  • An investment in knowledge pay the best interest. (Pilna meet vawtna in, a meet tambel hi.)
  •  A Village or a home lives or dies with its school system. (Khua khat, innkuan khat ii nuntak le thina in pilna tungah om hi.)

Tua hikom in sang sya/mate in a sang patangte pilna tu in Pathian ii hong piak pilnate khe ngawlin ih hop kik tu kisamh hi. A cracked bell never sounds well. Dak tamhsa ih tum hang, nging ngawl tu hi. Deisakna taw na ih seam bale Pathian tung pan thupha hong luang ngawl tu hi. Thupha na dei le hong piaksa pilnate na ngamtat phatnate patangte tungah itna lianpi taw zangh kik in. Sang sya/mate ii, a thupi zia, ih heak kim natu in October tha ni (5) ni sia (World Teachers’ day) Sang sya/mate ni ci in kong phawksak hi.

Hun khat lai in mipil, ulian zongh a khom khat ki om tek a, tu hun ciangin tan (10) ong zongh ih tam nawn bua hi. A hil sya/mate ii, kitaangsap na zongh hi tu ci in ka um hi. Patangte pilna a dei natu in thu hil tu zongh kisamh tu ci sia keima muna hi.

Sang sya/mate ei le ei ih ki en kik tua, ka nasepna ah percentage (%) bangza ngualzawna nga, percentange bangza leiba khi ziam? ci in eima le eima ki et kik tu kisamh ka sa mama zo hi. Laihil thei meal ngawl, a datham sya/ama khat ih hi le HIAM toai ngawl mithatte ih hi tu hi.

Napoleon in hi bang ci hi, “Death is nothing, but to live defected and in glorious is to die everyday”na ci hi. Thina in lamdang ngawl hi, ahizong ngual lelna, vaangkiamna in nisim thina hi na ci hi.

Laihil Sya/mate ahizong, lai sin sangpatangte ahizong hanciam tenton po leang, Pathian in thaman hong pia hi. “No hand can make the clock will strike again for me. The hours that are gone.” Charlie Dickens

Abosa hunte kila kik thei nawn ngawl hi. Athupibel in Tu taitak, hun nei lai hun sung teng’ hi. Eima panmun tek panin hanciamtek tawng. Ih minam, ih khua le tui, ih tuu le tate hilthiam panta thiam iek tawng.

Hong hanthawn;
Syapi Lam Za Khai
Township Education Officer


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