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Naypidaw Leinuai Meileang Vawt Tu


Kawl ngam khuapi Naypidaw ah leinuai meileang (subway tube) vawt tu a, Russia te in vawt khuan tender nga zo ci in, VOR (Voice of Russia) sung ah,  tua project a lampui tu chief architect pa in son hi. Russia expert te in lei omzia taw kisai et tu vawt tu kilawm babang vawt saan aa, line masa phit tu sia zong design vawt saan zo hi ci hi.

Tua leinuai meileang lam sia kilometers 50 bang sau tu hi. Russia khuapi Moscow leinuai meileang lam zong kilometer 15 bekma sau hi. A original article asim nuampo The Voice of Russia ii website VOR  ah kisim thei hi.

Source: VOR


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