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Yangon Ah Bomb Puak

December 21, 2011: Yangon ah bomb puak a, numei khat thi, adang khat zong liam ci in ki za hi. AFP news te ii son bang ahile, Yangon sak, a vaak a cia atam, aling maw ngawlna munh, taangpi zun buk (public toilet) khat ah puak hi ci hi.

Tu kum sung kawl ngam ah bomb puak vazek tawntung hi. A tam zaw nasia lei vavan ngawl bek hi. Kumpi te in kumpi langdo ngmapua theng, thau toai group te le, tapung te veu mawsiat hi.

Ning kum April tha lai in a puak khat sia kum 5 sung a nasia bel hi aa, mihing 10 thi, 170 liam hi. Tuibuak poai sung ahi hi.

Source: AFP


taangpi = public
taangpi zun buk= public toilet (အမ်ားသံုးအိမ္သာ)
tuibuak poai = water festival (ေရေလာင္းပြဲ၊ သႀကၤန္)


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