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Internet Speed khan Tawng


Na internet speed hai lei na sa le? Client Computer din munh pan internet a hong na hi le, a nuai bang hi lete na speed ngaang zaw hiat tu hi.

Keyboard tungah Ctrl + R met te Run box hong in. Start pan zong Run box kihong thei hi. Run box sung ah gpedit.msc khen siana Enter met in. Local Group Policy Editor box lawt tu hi.

Tuazawk ciang Administrative Templates >> Network >> QoS Packet Scheduler ci khat zawk ciang khat pai susuk in. QoS Packet Scheduler na thet ciang ziat sang ah a om Limit reservable bandwidth sia double click in.

Limit reservable bandwidth Box a nuai a bang hong lawt tu hi. Enable cina san click in tuazawk ciang Bandwidth limit zakhen 20 pan zakhen 80 ah lai in. Tuazawk ciang Apply >> OK click in.

Client Computer zanghte a tu Internet Speed khat dan hi. A sin nuampo na sin tek leute maw.


Heaktu: Nayminmaung blog pan ka lak kik hi.


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