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Hard Drive Vaal Khat Na Dei Le


My computer sungah 7.45 GB a pha hard drive khat a vaal in na zangh nuam le a nuai abang kinga thei hi. Na computer sung a omsa hard drive sia partition khen kik kul ngawl hi. Na computer online a om tu bekma kisamh hi.

Gmail drive kina aa, na gmail account sungah 7.5 GB om tu hi. Gmail account pan a hihang my computer double click le te tuakah na gmail hard drive sia kimu tu hi.

A masa phit bel hiaksung mun click siana —> Gmail Drive v1.0.18  download phot le te maw. Na download zawk ciang setup file sia click te install le te. Install na man ciang My Computer sung en lete G-mail Drive ci khat mu tu ni. Tusia double click lete, na gmail account hong log in sak tu ze. Log in na vawt zawk ciang tawm vei bekma ngaak le te, hard drive a vaal khat a nei suak pai ni. Computer internet kizom theampo sung pan a soft ware sia ki-install po le na hard drive access thei tu ni.

Topa Thupha



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