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Jews Le Mormons Te In Kua Teal Sawm Ziam?


November President kitealna ah kua teal zaw tu ni ziam ci kidokna ah Mormon theampo ii zakhen 84% in Romney teal aa, Jew theampo ii zakhen 64% in Obama teal zaw hi ci in Gallup poll in son hi.

Gallup poll te in biakna taw kizui in president kitealna tungtaang biakna tatuam a dok kakoai bang hi le Protestant theampo ii zakhen 52% in Romney teal aa, zakhen 25% in Obama teal hi. Biakna nei ngawl theampo ii zakhen 65% in Obama teal aa, zakhen 25% in Romney teal hi. Catholic theampo ii zakhen 46% in Obama teal aa, zakhen 45% in Romney teal hi. America ah Mormon biakna um sia ngambup mihingsimh ii zakhen 2% pha aa, Jew te zong zakhen 2% kiim pha hi. Ahihang, America ah Christian ci in aki ciamte protestant le Catholic te zawk ciang a 2na alianbel sia Jews le Mormon ma hi pai hi.

Hi poll sia April tha pan kipan Jews 500 vaal le Mormon 500 vaal tung ah aki dong ahi hi. Biakna tung tawn hi ngawl in dokna ah vote pia tu register vawt theampo ii zakhen 46% vave taw kikim hi.

US Jews te le Mormons te in Party 2 sung ah kician tatak in kikhen uh hi. Jan 2011 pan May 2012 sung bup Gallup Poll te ii dokna bang ahile, Mormon theampo ii zakhen 70% in amate le amate Republican te ci in kiciamte ahibuale, Republican sang kaai aa, zakhen 19% in Democrat mi ahibuale Democrat sang kaai hi ci hi. Tuabangma, Jews theampo ii zakhen 64% in Democrat sang kaai aa, zakhen 27% in Republican sang kaai hi.

Ahihang, Romney ii Mormon sung a thahatna sia, Obama ii Jews te sung a thahatna sang lian zaw hi. Mormons te sang Jews atamzaw in me (vote) pia tu in ki um hi. Gallup Poll te ii April tha pan kipan thu dokna ah, Jews theampo ii zakhen 83% in me ka pia hamtang tu ci aa, Mormon theampo ii zakhen 77% in me ka pia hamtang tu ci hi. Ngambup pi in en in hileang, average sia zakhen 78% hi.

2008 president kitealna taw enkaak in hileang, Romney in Mormon sung aa, hoi zaw aa, Obama in Jews sung aa hoi ngawl zaw hi. Cinopna in 2008 hun lai, Romney a dei Mormon zakhen sia, tu kum sang tawm zaw hi. Tukum kitealna ah Jews te a tamzaw in Obama sang pa vave lai hikale, 2008 lai Jews te ii Obana a panpui za hi zo ngawl hi.


Doppha: Gallup Poll


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