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Dr. Thuam Cin Khai’s Book Published by Lambert Acedemic Publishing


A book written by Dr. Thuam Cin Khai is recently available online from LAP Lambert Acedemic Publishing, Germany. It was entitled “Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) among Administrators”. On the back cover of the book, a brief content about the book, and author was mentioned as follow:-

This book contributes to the healthy administration model at workplace that is spiritual intelligence, from self-awareness, universal awareness, self-mastery, and spiritual presence in the educational administration and supervision. This research aims to assess spiritual intelligence of selected administrators of the Christian colleges in Yangon, Myanmar and Panay Island, Philippines. This research study employed descriptive — correlation type of research design giving. This study investigated the relationship of the variables such as sex, age, education, ethnic, religion and length of service and spiritual intelligence skills of selected administrators in theological colleges in Yangon and Baptist colleges in Panay Island. On the basis of the findings of this investigation, the following conclusions are drawn: The Christian administrators in Yangon, Myanmar were male dominated but in the Philippines there were about the same proportion of male and female administrators. Generally Christian administrators were highly self-awareness their life purpose, mission, and vision, but some of them had low awareness of complexity of thought, servant hood and lacking wise decision.

BA, MA Mdiv, EdD (Central Phillippine University) is Co-founder/Academic Dean (2008-Presen): Burmese Bible School, Syracuse, New York. He served as Vice Principal/Dean (2006-2008); All Nations Theological Seminary, Thanlyin, Yangon; missionary (1997-1999): Zomi Baptist Convention, Falam, Chin, Myanmar. He is married with one son and five daughters.

He also serves the Lord as a Executive Minister of the US Siyin Baptist Church of Laurel, Maryland. Please click here to visit Lambert Academic Publishing.

Rev. Dr. Thuam Cin Khai in laibu English in laibu khat at aa, “Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) among Administrators” ci in min pia hi. Topa hesuakna le thupha piakna taw tua laibu Germany ngam pan LAP Lambert Acedemic Publishing in khet sak aa, online ah ki lei thei hi. Online pan a lei nuam a en nuam ih om le LAP web site ah ki en thei hi.

Click on image to visit Lambert Academic Publishing




  1. Amos T Haukim says:

    Are the books (SQ) available at market?

  2. stanislaus says:

    I do not know whether it is possible to keep in touch with the author. I have just published a book entitled: “Peasants’ Outcry: Recognize Our Strengths To Help Ourselves!” I would like Dr. Khai to have a look at this book for his comment.
    kind regards,

    stanislaus steyn paridizirai matindike

  3. Thuam C Khai says:

    Thanks for visiting and browsing my book on Amazon. Please give me your comment and you may also buy it from Amazon with US$ 73 Only.

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