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Sya Laangpu, SRBA pan laithak khat

SRBA OB te in Tamu Siyin Baptist Area ah Mission Exhortation paina pan hong cia uh lamin Pa Kam Khan  Thang te ii Thingnamtui ciinna lo ah baangin thapiakna le thungetsakna nei uh hi.

Azingsang ciang zong in Pa Kam Khan Thang in Breakfast netu in Nanphalong a inn ah sam a, tuak zongah  thunget sakna le thapiakna nei thei uh hi.

Pa Thang in a lo sung ah tu ciciang, Thingnamtui kung 10,000 /- suan zo in, a leitangh sia Acre 10 hi. Maisang ah leitangh zo alian zaw le thingno zong a tamzaw lai suan tu in ngiimna nei hi.

Thanga huai kasa mama uh a, thungetna taw maa panpuitek tawng, eimatek zong in ih hi thei zaza hanciam in Thingnamtui ih ciin tu thupi kasa mama hi.

Reported by: Rev. Laangpu
Evangelism & Mission Department
Siyin Region Baptist Association (SRBA)
Repblic of Myanmar.

Ph. 09400511869


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