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A Vacation to Nihonji Daibutsu

Buddhist statue

Nihon-ji Daibutsu, Nokogiri-yama, Chiba penisula. We have to take about 2 hours in train from Tokyo to Kurihama and took a ferry boat across the sea of Japan like 30 minutes to Hamakanaya station and took skyrail cable to the top of Nokogiri mountain and than have to walked like 30 minutes to this Buddha statue

It was summer time in Tokyo. I woke up to my alarm clock at four O’clock in the morning and prepared for one day vacation to Nihon-ji Daibutsu, Nokogiri Yama with friends. Since we arranged to meet outside Shibuya station’s dog statue with friends at five thirty in the morning, I ran to the nearest station as soon as I done with my preparation. To my surprise, I saw I was the last person they were waiting for and so was my vacation to Nihon-ji Daibutsu was started.

Since I first heard about the Nihon-ji Daibutsu of Nokogiri Yama from a friend, I eager to visit and see the place because it was said the road to Nokogiri Yama is very alike to the road to Kyaiktiyo pagoda in Burma. For a Burmese, a journey to Kyaitiyo pagoda is unforgettable life time experience, especially for pilgrims and younger generation. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to visit the pagoda and probably, that is the main cause that arouses my strong desire to visit Nokogiri Yama.


The ferry we took from Kurihama to Hamakanaya

First, we took Yamanote line to Shinagawa station and changed Keikyu Kurihama line to Kurihama Station. It took almost two hour from Shinagawa station. Kurihama is located on southern part of Tokyo and a beautiful city face to Pacific Ocean. From Kurihama station Chiba Peninsula can be seen across the sea. We took a ferry to Hamakanaya that was across the sea. When we got there, we asked local people how to get to the Nihon-ji Daibutsu.

We walked to a sky rail station as directed and rode it up to top of a mountain. I was thrilled, as I ride my first sky rail experience in my life. When we got top of the mountain, we watched bird eye’s view of the surrounding area. We saw beautiful cities, people on beach, sea and boats far away. The scene was so charming that I could never forget in my life. After enjoying the beautiful scene, we started walking into forest. As I walked into forest, I remembered friends talking about the likeness of Nokogiri Yama road to Kyaitiyo pagoda road. I was so excited and overwhelmed to be seen myself walking on ranges of Nokogiri Yama.


Beautiful scene from top of the mountain

After walking awhile, we saw a shelter and took a rest. It has only roof without walls. Its wooden posts were covered with writings who had ever taken rest in this shelter. I almost shouted when I saw a Burmese writing on one of its post. It was written a date with four Burmese names. We saw many small statues along the way. After walking like half an hour, we caught sight of a huge Daibutsu, statue of Buddha in a jungle. It was sculpted as a sitting Buddha on huge stones, one of a largest of that kind in Asia. Though I am not a Buddhist I feel a kind of peace and happiness in my mind to see such a statue in forest.

We started going back to home after awhile. As soon as we took off from the sky rail, we looked for a Japanese noodle shop for we all got hungry. It was about four O’clock in the evening, by the time we filled our stomach. We rushed to the Kurihama station and took train to Shinagawa again. Unlike in the morning, we were completely exhausted and fall asleep on train. When I woke up I saw I was in Shinagawa station. We went to a restaurant and after dinner we separated. It was an unforgettable vacation in my life.



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