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Some Siyin Proverbs and Saying – Sizang Paunak Pawlkhat

  • Tuipi a Luan na luang, Lian zaw Ta ah Pau na pau (Big river runs its usual course, noble man pursues statesmanship)
  • Kam thiam sial lei sa, kam khial sial lio. (Sweet talks compensate for mythun debt, false talk get a mythun fine.)
  • Kisiik leang nung sang, ngawi sawk leang eak bang. (Repentance is past, the anus retains dirt; retrieving beneficial.)
  • Zum le sai li ah thi om bo. (No one dies of shame and by catapult.) 
  • Kam tam lei mihing inna ngai zo bo. (Too much talk could’nt be listened to.)
  • Khat ih phat sak sawm ih pha sak, khat ih siat sak sawm ih sia sak. (Praised by one praised by ten, spoken ill by one done likewise by ten.) 
  • Khat ih tel sawm tai. (One’s gift enjoyed by ten.)
  • Nu pi ngil kial an beal khan, pasal ngil kial lo ma khan. (Hungry woman increases size of pot, hungry man increases field.) 
  • Meingong lung le sa zan ta. (Widow/er and grazing wild animal by moonlight.)
  • Kiak pi thi maw, nu seal thi maw. (Impossible death of kiakpi (grass) and that of step-mother.) 
  • Numei hang sawk eak thak na tha. (Wicked woman bound for original toilet room; return to original home.)
  • Sung biak mawk, pu biak mawk, ngal tuum biak mawk. (Disrespect of in-laws and grandpas.) 
  • Lei le ha zong po khawm ah ki pet thei. (Tongue and teeth growing together can bite; accidental quarrel.)
  • Lian zaw Ta lu heak, Nau zaw ngal pal. (Noble man’s behavior, lowly person’s ephemeral rise.)
  • Sim zawng inna Zo zawng kawk.  (Sim monkey points at Zo monkey.)
  • Ngal taang phat le tui ta khan, Ngaltaang dawng le nauzaw phat. (Lowly births rise and quick growth of rice in ngal.) 
  • Lian zaw Ta le lo ngam taang. (Man of noble birth and paddy on matured field.)
  • Thal lam cilte siat. (Spitting while lying facing upward; boomerang act.) 
  • Ngual ngawi thing san phi sak. (Spitting ginger at other’s bottom; inciting anger.)
  • Taang tho ngei ngawl taang tho, sum nei ngei ngawl sum nei. (One who never reaped good harvest but once, one who did not have money before; preposterous.
    behaviour of a newly successful person.)
  • Nu hil ngawl pa hil ngawl, tanga lu bawk. (Without the benefit of parental guidance.)
  • Pa khat long lol. (Eating by oneself) 
  • Khau uai si tan lak bang. (Difficult as cutting tough rope.) 
  • Peng Lam ai lum khuak. (Peng Lam’s crab shell house erection; small house.) 
  • Ai kaw han. (Bravery of crab at its hole; coward outside.)
  • Inn hang ngam dai. (Home hero, silence outside.)
  • Nu seal tul bang. (Like putting up with step-mother.)
  • Su mawn to pha bek. (Sitting on her back; idle woman.) 
  • Duhop su mul man. (The greedy catches woman’s private hair.)
  • Neak ngawl buan law. (Got muddy without eating; toil without gain.) 
  • Du leilam law ciang ki khup. (The greedy caught in suicidal trap.)
  • Sakhi apui san ano san. (The red barking deer has a red offspring.) 
  • Thing tung kalak bang. (Like unclimable tree; difficult.)
  • Ui no vei zong bang vatut. (Pup looking for wind; tactless person.) 
  • Sazuk ki put. (Bearing like deer’s horn; mere ornament.)
  • Simheisa; Zo hei sa; Phaipak bang. (Degree of women’s beauty compared to different orchids and flowers.) 
  • Meima ngawl tho in bawm thei bo. (Flies without sore.)
  • Mei kuang pai thong. (Made fire but no food to cook.) 
  • Mei khu liante. (Those with big smokes; the rich.) 
  • Tha zau bang. (Shooting stars )
  • Hui va bang. (Like wind; agile.) 
  • Lung nun tak. (Worm’s life; miserable life.) 
  • Khuai va bek khiak bang. (Like downing a bee; abrupt silence.) 
  • Ngip zong le khuai zong. (Searchers, one for wax and the other for honey.) 
  • Lu tam. (Mere number of heads.) 
  • Hong Thual pa na. (Illegal articles.) 
  • Mi hing le pa po. (Man and mushroom; uncertain length of life.)
  • Keal lu phum laak. (Exposure of secret.) 
  • Ngeungaw muk nol. (Cat’s lips brusher; illegal gifts.)
  • Ka Pa Ta Pa Khi. (War Cry.)
  • Tanga pa khat bang. (Like orphan like only son)

Note: Compiled from the “Profile of the Burma Frontier Man” by Dr. Vum Ko Hau.


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