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Myook Suam, Assassination of the Township Officer

By Vumson Suantak

At the beginning of the year 1892 the impact of the British presence was felt everywhere. Coolies were demanded of the villages, and roads for British use had to be built. The British imposed increasingly heavy fines for any sign of opposition. What made the Zo people most determined to oppose the British was their demand for the freeing of slaves and the collection of guns as fines. (more…)


From An Old Scrap Book (A century ago this time)

By S.Z Howe

The British Army annexed the upper Burma in 1883 and the little Shan state of Kale also fell to them instantly. Afterwards Capt.Raikes of the British Army acting Deputy Commissioner of the Upper Chindwin sent for Chief Tson Bik of Tashon (Falam) and held a peace talk with him at Sihaung village near Kalemyo and then Falam Chins capitulated to the British government. (more…)

Thianmaang Toaisaang Zaangsi Liannu


Innkuan thu
Vang Lok Khang, Thuklai Suanh, Lun Muntuu, Tun Ngo bawng pah Pu Thuk Kham le Pi Tuang Ciin te sungpan 1876 kum in Thuklai ah piang hi. Ama ii suapui laizom te sia a nuai a bang ahi hi. (more…)

The Great Khai Kam by Van Cung Lian

khaikamKhai Kam (1864–15 September 1919) was a Chin leader who fought the British forces when they invaded Chin Hills/Chin State in the late 19th century. Two years after the British had conquered the Chin Hills, he led a rebellion to overthrow the British administration from Chin Hills. Unsuccessful in his rebellion, Khai Kam was sentenced to life imprisonment on the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean. He was released in 1910 and returned to the Chin Hills. (more…)

Pi Kham Ciang, Tapidaw Suak Masabel Zaangsi Lianu

Innkuan thu:
Khuasak khua, Nge Ngu khang, That Lang suanh, Kun Tong tuu Khan Vum bawng pan Pu Zong Tuang le Vang Lok khang, Thuklai suanh, Suum Niang tuu, Suum Seal bawng pan Pi Ngiak Mang (127/20) te ii sung pan 1879 kum in Khuasak khua ah piang hi. Ama ii suapui laizom teng sia a nuai a bangh ahi hi. (more…)

Biography of Sithu Dr. Vum Ko Hau

Vumkohau 2_Page_01


Carey le Tuck ii hong son Sizang taangthu

British te in Khamtung hong lak zawk ciang, Bertram S. Carey (Assistant Commissioner, Burma, and Political Officer, Chin Hills) le H. N Tuck (Extra Assistant Commissioner, Burma, and Political Officer, Chin Hills) in Zo Mi te thu tataum le taangthu kan kakoai in “The Chin Hills” ci laibu 1896 ah at hi. Hi laibu sungah Sizang te ii taangthu zong tam mama na at hi. Amate 2 ii at Sizang taangthu sia man siat, dik siat, khialna om ngawl ki ci thei tuan ngawl ahihang, 1900 kum ma Sizang minam te taw kisai, taangthu a kiat laibu tam ngawl ahikom, tu hun khangkik Sizang te in ih heak tu kilawm vave ka sa hi. (more…)