Democrat VS. Democrat (Election 2016): Trump And Clinton On The Biblical Issues

Biblical Signs In The Headlines


Christian Conservative voters have been altogether forgotten in the 2016 Presidential Election. This November, the only choice we have is to vote “Democrat”, even though one of them has an (R) by his name. For that reason, I will vote for neither of the 2 major Party candidates, nor for any of the current 3rd Party options. There are no viable Third Party candidates worthy of the Christian vote. Yet, the media, on the left and right, are trying to paint Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a positive light for Christians. Sadly, any positives that either of them have are greatly overshadowed by their many negatives. In this Presidential Election, Liberalism is the dominating trend, which means nothing but BAD choices for believers. It is truly a “pick your poison” Election.

I myself have decided that my only viable option is to vote my conscience and Write-In Ted…

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Cidamna le Natna Tatuam Pianna

Kawl ngam sungah natna lungno ii hong puak ahingawl pumpi sung natna tuatuamte ih nga thei na sia: zamei tawpna, zu neakna, thingnga antee tam ih neak ngawl hang, thau leih hang, chikhang, zunthum le chi sungah a thau tam leih hang veu hi. Hi thu taw kisai in. ih ngam sung omzia, a nuai a bangin kimu hi. (more…)

Khusak Khua Taangthu Tom

Thuantak khua le Vomhzang khua pan Lophei, Limkhai, Thuklai ci te inntuan in khua a saat tak ciang Khuasakte in inn lua a, Thuantak le Vomhzang ah teang suak lai hi. 1729-30 hun pawlin Pu That Lang le a tate lampuina taw tulaitak Khuasak khua ii Khualui hawng ah khua khiinto hi. Tua khua sia khua saat thak in kingaisun ngawl a, Vomhzang khua a tuato bangin ngaisun ahikom khua min zongh Vomhzang khua min dang khat ahi “Khuasak” sia kipua sak paih hi. Tuabek dom ngawl Tualbawl ciang Vomhzang khua ah tual phuisam bangin kisam hi. Khuasak khua khiinto te min kihel sak ngawl hi. (more…)

Tuni Fukushima khualui

Fukushima khua sia Japan ngam Fukushima prefecture ii khuapi (capital city) hi. Japan ngam sak sangah khua lian khat hi a, mual kawmah a kiphut khua hoi mama khat hi. Japan kam in onsen a ci, lei sungpan tuilum amathu in pusuak kibualna mun tam mama om ahikom, Japan ngamah a minthang mama khua khat hi. A nasiat bel hun 2011 kum mihingsim 290,064 om ahikom, khua lian mama khat ahi hi. (more…)


2005 kum in National Geographic Association te na ” Blue Zone Quest” ci aa project khat nei aa lei tung mun pawl khatah a teang te a khan sau thei saap a cidam thei bel bek dom ngawl Kum 100 a vaal hang nisim a nasep seam tan zo aa, a inn tek maa ah teang in amate an tek maa huan zo lai, a huan sung maa ante thingnga maa suan zo lai aa, leangna maa do zo lai , ciamui maa son zo lai aa, Nursing Home (Khanghaam kikepna mun) khawng zot tu ngaisun vet ngawl aa nungta thei lai (active life). Amate bang an ne peang ziam? ci thu study a vawt na hi. Leitung mun tatuamah ngei a nungta khakhat om a hizongin hi sung mun (Blue Zones) ah a teang te in khat bek hi ngawl in tam maa na ngei nungta zaw aa ci dam zaw ci kimu hi. (more…)

Leitung Biakna Lian Te Thu (Islam)

Islam te nah Christian te hong tel zawk ngawl bel thu khat om hi. Jesu um in saang po leang ngupna kinga thei ci thu ahi hi. Islam biakna ah ngupna sia mihing te ii upna haat maw haat ngawl, apha vawt maw asia vawt, ngamtat pha nei maw nei ngawl cite theampo taw thu … Continue reading

Republican te nah Obamacare taw kisai a 2veina lel

June 25: 10:12 AM – Republican te nah Obamacare taw kumpi huna a nga cina kibawlte huna piak ngawl tu Supreme Court ah appeal vawt a, supreme court member 9 vote taw khensat hi. Obamacare nah vote 6 : 3 taw zo hi. Ronald Reagan ii mihing supreme court Chief John Robert le Anthony Kennedy … Continue reading

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